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How To Write A Good News Story?

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How To Write A Good News Story

Writing a news story is not easy as you have to capture readers’ attention in an instant. You also need to register concisely and organize your information logically and concisely. But don’t worry, with these simple tips and tricks, you will turn into a pro at writing news stories that people will want to read. Here are some tips on how to write a good news story:

    • Tell the reader what happened
    • Give the date and time of the event
    • State how many were affected
    • Describe the situation with details that paint a vivid picture for your readers
    • Include quotes from people involved or affected by the event
    • Provide any relevant photos or videos

What Is A News Story?

A news story is a piece of journalism that covers an event or topic significantly. News stories are usually written in chronological order and have the five “Ws” covered.

Writing Tips And Tricks

    • Add adjectives to your sentences
    • Use simple words
    • Include a quote from someone involved or affected by the event to add emotion to your story
    • Start with an introduction about the event and lead up to the climax of your story
    • Write in short, concise sentences
    • Be sure to mention how many were affected by the event

Tell The Reader What Happened

One of the most important part’s of the news story is the event. So, it is essential to give the reader an idea of what happened. That way, they better understand why it’s newsworthy and will be more inclined to read on. Include the dates & times and the event’s location, and don’t forget to mention how many people were affected.

Give The Date And Time Of The Event

    • Give the date and time of the event when you first heard of it.
    • This is important because events happen continuously, but we only care about the most recent event.
    • For example, if I wanted to write a story about the hurricane in Houston, I would go back in my notes from September 18th and see what I wrote on that day.
    • From there, I would find out what was popular on September 18th and then incorporate that into my story.

State How Many Were Affected

The number of people affected is a critical factor in any news story. For example, if you’re writing a story about the collapse of a building, it would be essential to know how many people were inside at the time of the incident and how many were injured or killed by the collapse.

Describe The Situation With Details That Paint A Vivid Picture For Your Readers

A good news story should do more than give the reader a summary of what happened. The details of the event, who was there, and how it impacted them should all be included. It will give readers a better understandings of the situation and help them feel like they were there.

For example, let’s say your company hosts an event for local business owners. You could write:

“The conference room was filled with murmurs as attendees talked about their businesses.”

“We are here to collaborate as a community and make connections that will improve our careers.”

“One person said, ‘I want to start my own business, but I don’t know where to go from here.'”

Include Quotes From People Involved Or Affect By The Event

One of the best ways to give readers a more personal connection with your story is to include quotes from people involved or affected by the event. This gives readers a glimpse into what others are feeling and experiencing. When you use quotes, you can also make your story more personal for readers by using phrases like “maybe” or “I think” to convey the feelings of your interviewee.

Provide Any Relevant Photos Or Videos

If there are any photos or videos from the event, make sure you include them. This will help you better illustrate the occasion and provide readers with more information about what happened.

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