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How to Add a Live News Feed to Your Website?

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How to Add a Live News Feed to Your Website

Adding a live news feed to your website is a great way to keep your site updated and provide visitors with relevant content. However, adding a live feed can be daunting for those who don’t know much about web programming. To combat this, we’ll look at adding a live news feed using both WordPress and Joomla!

Before we begin, let’s talk about why you might want to add a live news feed. Perhaps you cover breaking news or need an easy way to quickly update content on your site. Maybe you want to post regular content without worrying about it yourself. Whatever the reason, there are benefits for both you and your visitors in adding a live feed.

Why You Should Add a Live Feed?

Content as it happens, such as news stories or updates, without remembering to update your website yourself. As such, the information on your site is always up-to-date and relevant. It also provides the opportunity for customization. For example, you can update content based on the day or time of year.

Adding a live feed will also help boost user engagement with your site because visitors can see new content all the time, rather than just when you choose to update the site yourself.

WordPress For Adding A Live Feed

Using WordPress, adding a live feed should be pretty straightforward. You can do this by installing the Easy RSS Feed Plugin. Once installed, you need to find the RSS feed you want to subscribe to and copy its URL. Paste that URL into your plugin settings page, enter additional information (such as the number of posts you want to show at once), and save your changes. The plugin will automatically update your site with new content when it becomes available.

Install and Activate the Plugin

  • Now that we know why to do it, let’s look at how to go about adding a live news feed to your website. For this example, we’ll be using WordPress.
  • First, go to the Plugin tab in the WordPress admin panel and search for a plugin called “WordPress Live News Feeds.” Install and then activate the plugin.
  • Next, you’ll need to add a new hand-coded widget in your site’s sidebar. Select the live feeds plugin from the drop-down menu and click Add Widget in the top right corner of the screen.
  • To add a live feed from another site, you’ll need to enter its URL in the text box on this page. So, if you wanted to add a live blog from CNN, you would enter https://www.cnn.com/. For other pages on your site, use http://yourwebsite.com/post-name/.
  • Once you’ve done that, check that you’re happy with how it looks and then click Update Widget from the bottom left corner of the screen.

Create a New Post

To start, you’ll need to create a new post in WordPress or Joomla!. Give your post a title, and paste the RSS feed URL into the content field. Within WordPress, this can be found under “Syndication”. For Joomla!, it’s located in “Feeds” within the “Content” section of your backend. You’ll want to make sure that you select their appropriate content type.

Create a New Article

This is relatively easy in both WordPress and Joomla!. In WordPress, you’ll create a new article and add a URL to the “Link” field. In Joomla!, you’ll edit the article you want to have a live feed from and add a URL to the “URL” field.

Add The Feed URL

To add the feed URL to your site, visit the URL for your desired feed. This can be done on any browser by typing the URL into the address bar and pressing enter. The page will then load on that browser, and you can copy or type out the URL for this page. Next, select the text of the feed’s URL, right-click it, and select “Copy Link Address.”

Once you’ve copied your feed’s link address, open up WordPress or Joomla! (depending on which CMS you’re using). Then, copy-paste the link address into the CMS. Once pasted in, WordPress will prompt you to use it as a New Post or Page; select “New post” if you want it to be treated like a post on your blog. For Joomla!, go into templates → content → articles → article editor → upload the new file. Uploading here will create an article with a live news feed embedded in it.

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